Minneriya elephant safari from Kandy

Extending your Sigiriya & Dambulla tour to a Safari in Minneriya national park

Often we are asked if it is possible to include an Elephant Safari in Minneriya national park extending Sigiriya & Dambulla day tour. It’s one of the best tour combinations adding some extra activity to complete the day. 

Minneriya elephant safari from Kandy
With a couple from England was enjoying gracing elephants, —-.more than 250 around, amazing to hang out with so many elephants,To make it more spicy,  evening sun gave different meaning of color to the gentle giants.And then two males, one with the huge tusks was the dominant one, and the other tusk less big boy. Tusker chased the big boy ,splashing water underneath his feet by the lake shore, in few seconds scared young male ran towards us .was indeed an absolute rush and joy.i wish every traveler should have the right to experience.

If you are lucky enough you can see large herds of elephants, sometimes even 300 elephants at once,  roaming freely.

entrance to Sigiriya rock
Entance to Sigiriya through lion paws

The original tour consists of visiting 2 of the 8 Unesco world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya rock fortress, famous citadel and Sri Lanka’s most visited site and the first century built Dambulla cave temple complex. The Dambulla cave monastery is still functional and remains the best-preserved ancient edifice in Sri Lanka.


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