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Muthurajawela Marsh Boat Safari

"Inclusive of transport to/from Hotel + Entrance tickets to wetland + Safari boat"

Duration : 4 hours

With this tour we propose a boat safari to Muthurajawela marsh. Sri Lanka's biggest saline wetland located within close proximity to Negombo to observe the bio-diversity of wetlands. On return a visit to fishing villages and a complimentary Negombo city tour included.

Below you find the outlined itinerary of the morning and evening tours. Select the most suitable for you.

A local expert to guide you

Your tour is conducted by a local expert. Who will pleasantly introduce Negombo to you and keep good company thourgh out the whole tour.

Hotel pickup & drop off included

Hotel pickup & drop off included within Negombo city limits. Please check the add-ons for other pickup locations.

Entrance tickets & Safari boat included

You pay for an all-inclusive tour which includes entrance tickets to the wetland, safari boat and the guide

Complimentary Negombo city tour

A complimentary Negombo city tour and visit to fishing villages are included.

4 Things to know about Muthurajawela

  • 1

    Attracts migratory birds

    Each year from September to April Muthurajawela marsh attracts thousands of migratory birds from around the world. The average temperature fluctuate around27°C.

  • 2

    194+ flora species

    Muthurajawela harbours over 194 species of Flora distributed over seven major vegetation types which includes marsh, lactic flora, shrub land, reed, swamp, grasslands, stream bank and mangrove forest. A total of 194 species of vegetation belonging to 66 families have been recorded which include one endemic species (Phoenix zelanica). Among the different types of vegetation, the shrub land consists of 115 species with the mangrove forest and stream bank consisting of just 23 species each.

  • 3

    is Sri Lanka's biggest saline wetland

    Muthurajawela marsh, Sri Lanka's biggest saline wetland is home to more than 80 species including purple herons, cormorants and kingfishers as well as salt water crocodiles, monkeys even some rarely seen otters.

  • 4

    17+ endemic Vertebrate species

    The vertebrate fauna includes 40 species of fish, 14 species of reptiles, 102 species of birds and 22 species of mammals. Among the total vertebrate species documented 17 are endemic while 26 are nationally endangered. Among the invertebrates documented 48 species are butterflies and 22 species are dragonflies.

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